Snap Ride - Community Policies & Safety Standards

Our policies were created to make every engagement feel secure, courteous, and enjoyable. They apply to everyone who utilizes Snap Ride’s platform (“Snap Ride Marketplace Platform”), including drivers, riders, users, and companies, but not limited to them. It also includes any communications you have with our personnel and contractors, such as over the phone or through online support platforms. In some cases, our principles extend to activity outside of our marketplace platform that we become aware of, such as information from other platforms, where such conduct threatens the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform’s safety.

Thank you for supporting and preserving a welcome atmosphere with us.

The following rules outline some of the different types of good community involvement on the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform, as well as the behaviors or circumstances that may result in you losing access to the platform. Unexpected occurrences may result in you losing access to the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform and services, but the accompanying guidelines—which we’ll update on a regular basis—provide the foundation for behavior we expect from everyone in the Snap Ride community. Failure to follow any of our standards may be considered a substantial breach or violation of the terms of your Snap Ride agreement, and you may lose access to all or part of the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform.

Please read them for a few moments.

We should all follow these guidelines.

Everyone should be respected.

Our community is incredibly varied, and you’ll almost certainly meet people not looking like you or share your opinions. The recommendations in this area will assist you in fostering pleasant relationships at all times.

Encourage each other through staying safe.

Every day, we’re striving to make everyone’s experiences safer. We are committed towards your safety. That is why these guidelines were created. Along with adhering to all of Snap Ride’s Community Guidelines.

Honor the laws.

We’re dedicated to upholding all relevant laws and gaining your trust, and we expect everyone who joins the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform to do their bit and respect all applicable laws and regulations, as well as any applicable airports’ rules and regulations.

It is essential that you provide input.

If something happens, whether good or negative, we make it simple for you to notify us either directly in the app or by calling the Snap Ride Support team. Our workforce is striving to enhance our regulations and principles, and we value your input so that we can take necessary action and maintain our standards as technology gets better.

Everyone should be respected.

Serve everybody in the Snap Ride community with the respect with which you would like to be served. Your activities while enjoying the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform can have a significant influence on other people’s safety and comfort. It’s about courtesy. As a result, when accessing the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform and engaging with others in the Snap Ride community, you are expected to use better judgment and act appropriately toward others, just as you would in any social place.

Always attempt to be on time for your ride or to pick up your rider, for example. It’s also polite to avoid shouting, swearing, or slamming doors. And by cleaning up after yourself – whether it’s taking your trash home or wiping up a spilled drink – you’ll help everyone have a good time. Above all, keep in mind that when you connect with others in the Snap Ride community, you may encounter people who look or believe differently than you. Please be considerate of their variances. When connecting with people in the Snap Ride community, we think that everyone should feel supported and accepted. That’s why we have guidelines and procedures in place for physical contact, improper behaviour, sexual assault and misconduct, threatening and disrespectful behaviour, post-trip contact, discrimination, and property damage.

Physical touch should be avoided.

While utilizing the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform, do not touch strangers or anybody you have just met. People who require or desire physical assistance are allowed to make certain exceptions (for example, riders who may need help getting into and out of the vehicle). It is never acceptable to injure or seek to hurt another person.

Inappropriate behaviour, sexual assault, and misbehaviour

We all respect your privacy and personal space. It is acceptable to converse with other individuals. But don’t make a snide remark about someone’s appearance or inquire about their marital status or personal problems. Be aware that asking about a person’s personal life, such as their family, occupation, where they reside, or their relationship status, may irritate them.

Any kind of sexual assault or misbehaviour is banned. Sexual assault and misconduct are defined as sexual contact or behaviour without the other person’s clear permission.

Personal space and privacy should always be respected. The following is a list of instances of incorrect behavior, however it is by no means complete:

  • Do not engage in behaviors or make statements that may cause others to feel uneasy.

  • Do not inquire about personal matters (for example, about relationship status or sexual orientation). Certain seemingly innocuous conversations might really be insulting. Avoid talking about your or another person’s sex life, using explicit language, or making sex jokes.

  • Don’t make remarks on someone’s looks (for example, negative or “complimentary” remarks), gender identity, or sexual orientation.

  • Make no overt statements or gestures (for example, slurs, or graphic or suggestive messages).

  • Do not flirt with other people (for example, nonverbal [e.g., nudges, whistles, winks], suggestive flirting, or being too physically close).

  • Displaying indecent content is not permitted (for example, sexually suggestive objects or pictures).

  • Any form of sexual activity. Snap Ride has a strict no-sex policy, regardless of whether you know the individual or have their permission. Sexual intercourse, masturbation, or caressing or exposing sexual body parts are all examples of this.

Dangerous and disrespectful attitude

Behavior that is aggressive, confrontational, or harassing is not permitted. Disrespectful, threatening, or improper words, gestures, or actions should be avoided. For example, do not share graphic images (such as those that are sexually explicit or depict physical violence) with other Snap Ride members; this includes sharing such images without permission through Snap Ride’s online support systems or in connection with a Snap Ride Marketplace Platform experience. It’s also a good idea to steer clear of potentially controversial personal matters like religion and political opinions.

Contact after the trip

Unless it’s to return a missing item, contact should terminate when the trip is finished. Unwanted contact, which includes texting, phoning, social media contact, and visiting or attempting to see someone in person after a trip or delivery has been accomplished, is considered harassment. Don’t give out any contact information that isn’t absolutely required.

Discriminatory practices

Everyone should constantly feel secure and at ease. As a result, we do not allow discriminatory conduct or behaviour, including behaviour directed against the Snap Ride Support team. Do not discriminate against someone because of their age, colour, disabilities, gender, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected feature.

It is, for example, inappropriate to:

  • Decide to give services to anyone based on their age, colour, disabilities, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic under applicable law. Certain countries’ laws may demand and/or permit the providing of services to and for the benefit of a specified group of people. Services that are needed or authorized by these laws and the relevant applicable terms are lawful under these guidelines in such jurisdictions.

  • Based on these characteristics, rate another user, whether it’s a driver, a rider, or a business.

  • Discriminate based on the rider’s destination or drop-off location. We realize how crucial it is to schedule your driving around your schedule rather than vice versa. It is not against these rules to refuse a vacation because it does not fit your schedule. However, it is not permitted to refuse or reject requests, or to use features on the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform to avoid obtaining rides, purely for the purpose of avoiding a certain neighborhood owing to the characteristics of the people or businesses present there.


Snap Ride aspires to ignite potential by setting the globe in motion and ensuring that everyone has access to safe, dependable, and high-quality service alternatives. As a result, Snap Ride and its affiliates do not discriminate against users on the basis of race, religion, national origin, handicap, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age, or any other legally protected feature. Discrimination in this sense includes, but is not limited to, any user who refuses to supply or accept services because of one or more of these qualities. Any user who is determined to have broken this rule will be denied access to the Snap Ride platform. Certain countries’ laws may demand and/or permit the providing of services to and for the benefit of a specified group of people. Services delivered in line with these laws and the relevant applicable terms are acceptable under this policy in such areas.

We also aim to assist those with impairments to have more transportation alternatives. That is why we have information on this subject available for drivers and riders. All relevant regulations regulating the transportation of passengers with disabilities, including transporting service animals and assistive equipment, must be followed by drivers utilizing the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform (such as wheelchairs).

Damage to Someone’s property

It is never acceptable to cause property damage. Damage to the vehicle or other means of transportation ordered through the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform, purposefully spilling food or drink, smoking in a car, destroying someone’s property, or vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption or otherwise are just a few instances. Outside of normal wear and tear, you are liable for the expense of cleaning and repair costs if you damage property.

Encourage each other through staying safe.

All of us have a part in making the world a safer place. That is why we have policies in place regarding account sharing, account holder age, and other issues.

Sharing of accounts

It is not permitted to share an account. To utilize the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform, you must first create an account and keep it active. Allowing another individual to use your account is strictly prohibited, as is sharing any personal information associated with your account, including but not limited to your username, password, or images of yourself, with anyone else to access the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform.

Individuals under the age of eighteen or minors

To register a Snap Ride account, you must be at least 18 years old. This implies you must be at least 18 years old to travel in a vehicle unaccompanied. Account holders are unable to request a ride for someone under the age of 18 who will not be accompanied by the account holder or another adult. Children are likewise not permitted to use an adult’s account without their parents’s supervision. Unless our local rules, agreements, or other regulations state differently, these age restrictions apply.

If you find that your rider user appears to be under the age of 18 when you pick them up, you can refuse the trip and report it to Snap Ride. Your driving partner rating will not be affected if you refuse or cancel a journey for this reason.

Non-account holder riders and extra passengers

No one other than the driver, the requesting rider, and the rider’s guests should be in the car when using Snap Ride. Unless our local rules, agreements, or other regulations state differently, these guidelines apply. The account holder is liable for the behavior of their whole group while traveling with Snap Ride. You are accountable for another adult’s behavior throughout their journey if you seek a ride for them, even if you don’t know them.

Information about the vehicle

The Snap Ride Marketplace Platform provides riders with identifying information about drivers and their vehicles, such as their license plate number, vehicle make and model, year of manufacture, profile photo, and name, in order to facilitate pickup. Riders and receivers are confused by inaccurate or outdated information, which can detract from their experience using the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform.

Only permitted cars may be used by driver partners on journeys. Let us know about your car and any revisions to your documents that may become invalid, such as a driver’s license that is about to expire, in order to give correct information.

Seat belts are required.

Seat belt usage has been shown to be the most efficient technique to save lives and decrease injuries in car accidents. Every individual who uses a car, every driver, and every rider—including those in the rear seat—is required by law to wear a seatbelt at all times. Riders should request a vehicle with sufficient seat belts for everyone in their party and avoid traveling in big groups that exceed the car’s seat belt capacity. If their car does not have enough seat belts for all passengers, drivers might deny a ride.

Using Dash cameras that record video and/or audio.

Drivers may opt to install and utilize a dashcam, which may be used to record trips and offer proof to Snap Ride, police enforcement, or insurance companies if something goes wrong on a ride, depending on local laws and regulations. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Riders who join a rideshare car with a dash cam may be concerned about how the dashcam’s video, picture, or discussions will be used. Local rules and regulations in certain areas demand that a rider consent to being videotaped. Please review your local laws to ensure that you are aware of your duties.

  • Snap Ride allows drivers to upload recordings at their choice and in accordance with local laws and regulations. Snap Ride will analyze every footage provided and take appropriate action in accordance with the Community Guidelines and platform terms of service.

  • Sharing or streaming a person’s picture, audio or video recording on social media or in other digital or physical public places is a violation of our Community Guidelines and may result in our safety team conducting additional investigation.

Always Stay Alert

When you’re on the road, you have to do your share to keep yourself and others safe. This entails maintaining your eyes on the road and staying well rested so that you can respond fast in any scenario. The law mandates you to drive safely, which includes measuring your degree of weariness both before and during your driving time. Other things you may have done throughout the day or night may have contributed to your tiredness. Remember that sleep is the only genuine prophylactic treatment against weariness.

Servicing and maintenance are essential.

Driver partners are required to keep their cars maintained and in good working order under the conditions of their Snap Ride agreement, including but not limited to brakes, seat belts, and tyres. This entails adhering to industry safety and maintenance regulations, as well as keeping an eye out for and fixing any items that have been recalled by the vehicle manufacturer.

If you are involved in a car accident, we may limit your access to the Snap Ride app while we investigate whether the vehicle is still roadworthy.

Safe roads.

People must practise safe behavior on the road, which includes keeping an eye out for all travelers, regardless of how they travel.

Emergencies in the public domain

Snap Ride may take additional steps to ensure the safety of our platform in the event of a public emergency, such as natural catastrophes, public health issues, or public crisis circumstances.

For example, if Snap Ride receives notification from a public health authority that someone using the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform poses a risk to the public, we may temporarily suspend the individual’s account until it is reasonably safe to allow them to resume using the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform. Similarly, during a public health emergency, natural disaster, or other public crisis situation, or when the continued availability of the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform might pose a danger, we may prohibit individuals in an entire city or region from using part or all of the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform, or impose other requirements to comply with authorities’ guidance.

Honor the laws.

We have standards that everyone must adhere to, which are based on current laws and regulations. It is, for example, highly banned to use the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform to perpetrate any crime, such as drug transportation, money laundering, drug or human trafficking, or sexually exploiting children, or to violate any other legislation.

Honor the laws.

When using the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform, everyone is responsible for understanding and respecting all applicable laws, including necessary health directives, airport rules and regulations when at the airport, and the rules of the road—including traffic laws, signs, and signals—at all times.

All necessary licenses, permits, and other legal paperwork for drivers and delivery personnel must be current. For example, all drivers must have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle registration in order to operate a car. This also includes completing the necessary regulatory standards for rideshare or for-hire drivers in your location if you’re doing ridesharing. We look at reports of accidents or traffic penalties that may have occurred during a journey, as well as other complaints, such as those that suggest poor, hazardous, or distracted driving. Local parking regulations may restrict where drivers may park their vehicles while waiting or exiting. Stopping in bike lanes or blocking accessible ramps, for example, may be illegal.

Allow your driver to drive for you if you are a passenger. For example, riders should not touch the steering wheel or the gear shift, or any other knobs, buttons, or components needed to operate a vehicle. Asking a driver to speed or execute unlawful stops, drop-offs, or maneuvers is not a good idea for passengers.

Be aware of local norms and guidelines when driving or parking a car; appropriate legislation may be found on your local government’s website. You must normally yield to pedestrians, ride in the direction of traffic, indicate if you want to change directions, and come to a complete stop at red lights and stop signs if you follow local regulations of the road.

Seats in vehicles

When traveling with newborns and small children, drivers and riders must follow all applicable laws. Unless our local rules, conditions, or policies state otherwise, it is the rider’s obligation to provide and install an appropriate car seat where it is needed by law. Children under the age of 12 should ride in the rear seat.

When picking up passengers with little children, drivers should provide additional time for them to properly install a car seat before driving away. The driver can cancel the ride if the rider does not have the appropriate car seat, if the driver is uncomfortable with the rider installing one in their car, if a child does not appear to be within the car seat’s height and weight safety requirements, or if the driver otherwise believes the child cannot be safely transported in the seat.

Assistive equipment and service animals

Because of the service animal or assistive devices (such as a wheelchair or crutches), drivers using the Driver app may not refuse a ride to a passenger with a service animal or assistive devices (such as a wheelchair or crutches). Generally, applicable laws prohibit drivers from refusing service to riders with service animals or helpful devices, as well as discriminating against riders with service animals or assistive devices in any other way. If you refuse a rider because of their service animal or assistance equipment, you risk losing your Snap Ride Marketplace Platform access.

A driver is only permitted to ask a passenger two questions concerning a service animal: if the animal is necessary due to a handicap, and what work or duty the animal has been taught to perform. If a service animal is not immediately identified as such, a driver is allowed by law to require proof from the rider.

Alcohol and drugs

While utilizing the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform, no drugs or open containers of alcohol are permitted.

If you’re a motorist, it’s against the law to drive while inebriated. Driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that affects your ability to drive a car safely is against the law. If a rider appears to be overly inebriated or unruly, you have the authority to refuse the ride for your own safety.

If you’re a passenger and have reason to suspect your driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, request that the journey be terminated right once. Then get out of your automobile and dial emergency numbers. Please submit your experience to Snap Ride once you’ve exited the vehicle.

Arms & Weapons prohibition

To the extent authorized by law, riders and their guests, as well as drivers, are barred from carrying firearms while using the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform.

Snap Ride Arms & Weapons prohibition Policy

Our mission is to provide a safe and dependable ride for everyone. As a result, when using Snap Ride, passengers and their guests, as well as driving partners, are prohibited from having weapons of any type.

Anyone who breaches this guideline risks losing their Snap Ride account.

*To the degree that current legislation permits.

Fraudulent Acts

Deception may erode confidence while also posing a risk. It is not permitted to intentionally fabricate information or assume the identity of another person, such as when signing in or conducting a security check. When reporting problems, creating and accessing Snap Ride accounts, disputing charges or fees, and getting credits, it’s critical to submit accurate information. Request just the fees or refunds to which you are entitled, and only use offers and promotions as directed. Completing incorrect transactions on purpose is not a good idea.

Fraudulent activity may also include, but is not limited to, intentionally increasing the time or distance of a trip for fraudulent or otherwise; accepting trip requests without the intent to complete, including provoking riders to cancel for fraudulent purposes; creating dummy accounts for fraudulent purposes; claiming fraudulent fees or charges, such as false cleaning fees; intentionally requesting, accepting, or completing fraudulent or falsified trips;

Pickups on the street and off the platform

Off-app pickups are forbidden to ensure the safety of each encounter. Because the law forbids street hailing or touting while using the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform, never solicit or accept payment outside of the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform. Riders should not pay for trips in cash, and they should not request rides from drivers who are not part of the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform.

Other Acts which are not acceptable on Snap Ride Marketplace

Refrain from using Snap Ride’s trademark or intellectual property without first obtaining permission from the company. If it is required by local legislation to display Snap Ride-branded things, drivers should only utilise properly obtained Snap Ride-branded items. When not using the platform, drivers should not show Snap Ride-branded things. If drivers lose access to the platform, they should also return any Snap Ride-branded products to Snap Ride. Unauthorized or third-party products carrying Snap Ride’s name or trademark, such as lights, placards, signs, or similar objects, may cause confusion among riders.

It is essential that you provide input.

If something occurs, whether positive or unpleasant, we make it simple for you to notify us. Our team is always upgrading our standards, and your feedback is critical in ensuring that our standards remain relevant as our technology changes. At the end of each journey or delivery, please rate your experience. Sincere feedback helps to guarantee that everyone is held accountable for their actions. This responsibility contributes to the creation of a respectful and safe atmosphere. And if something happens, such as a traffic collision, and you want to report it, you may do so by tapping Help in the app or phoning our support team numbers, and our Support staff will follow up. In the event of an emergency or if you are in immediate danger, contact your local authorities or emergency services before contacting Snap Ride.

Reviews and Ratings

Drivers and riders may rate and be rated, as well as provide feedback in the form of reviews on how the journey went. This feedback mechanism enhances responsibility and contributes to the creation of a respectful, safe, and transparent environment for everybody. The app displays the driver’s current rating. By opening the app and pressing the menu, riders may see their rating listed beneath their name.

Each city has a minimum average rating. This is due to cultural variances in how individuals in various cities assess each other. Drivers and passengers who do not match the required average rating for their city may be barred from using the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform entirely or in part. If your rating is close to this limit, we will notify you and may offer information that will assist you in improving your rating.

To maintain a high average rating, be kind and considerate to all individuals when using the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform and interacting with others in the Snapr Ride community. Drivers that use the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform often give outstanding service to their passengers, and the majority of passengers are pleasant and considerate, thus most trips go smoothly. Contacting Support will not result in the removal of an individual rating. We understand that occasionally a travel or delivery does not go as planned, which is why your rating is mediocre.

Provided you’re a driver who loses access to your Snap Ride account due to low ratings, you may be able to reclaim your driving privileges if you fulfill the eligibility conditions and submit confirmation that you’ve successfully completed a quality improvement course given by third-party experts. To learn more, contact the Snap Ride Support team.

Accepting a trip

If you are a driver and do not wish to receive trip requests, simply go offline or log off. This contributes to the system working smoothly for everyone.

If you regularly deny successive trip requests, our system may believe you do not wish to accept future trips or orders or that you have neglected to log out, and you may be temporarily logged out. However, you are free to log back in whenever you want to start confirming trip availability again.

Snap Ride’s approach to enforcing our policies

Loss of access to the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform may have an impact on your life or company. That is why we feel it is critical to have clear guidelines describing the conditions under which you may lose access to the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform. You may lose access to all or part of the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform if you violate any applicable terms of your contractual agreement with Snap Ride, or any other applicable policies, any of these Community Guidelines, or any additional policies and standards communicated to you from time to time by Snap Ride. If you have more than one Snap Ride account, such as a rider and a driver account, breaking the Community Guidelines may result in the loss of access to all of your accounts. If you suspect a mistake has resulted in the loss of access to your account, please contact Support.

We receive input via a variety of methods, examine reports made to our Support staff that may violate our Community Guidelines, and may investigate via a specialised team. If we become aware of potentially harmful behaviour, we may contact you to investigate. We may, in our sole discretion, place a hold on your account, make it dormant, or suspend it until our evaluation is completed.

Failure to adhere to any of our policies may result in the loss of access to all or a portion of the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform. This includes reported violations of our Community Guidelines as well as certain actions you may take outside of the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform, including but not limited to other platforms, if we determine that those actions endanger the safety of the Snap Ride community, our team, and contractors, or harm our brand, reputation, or business. If the complaints reported are significant or a repeat report, or if you refuse to comply, you may be barred from using the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform. Any behaviour including violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, fraud or discrimination, or deceptive, unlawful, or hazardous activities while using the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform may result in immediate termination of access.

Furthermore, where law enforcement gets engaged, we shall help with their inquiry in accordance with our Law Enforcement Guidelines.

Many states, towns, and airports have laws that govern the offering of various services, including ridesharing, on the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform. We may be obliged to terminate your access to the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform if we conclude that your driver account is not in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.


Finally, all drivers who wish to utilize the Snap Ride Marketplace Platform must go through a screening procedure that includes a motor vehicle record and background check. If a normal motor vehicle record check, background check, or other check reveals a breach of Snap Ride’s Community Guidelines or other criteria needed by local authorities, the driver will lose access to their Snap Ride account(s).

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