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Welcome to Snap Ride, the ridesharing app that offers great savings every time you ride! We are excited to offer our valued riders a range of exclusive offers that are sure to make your riding experience with us even more enjoyable.


Snap Ride is your safe and reliable rideshare platform in Australia. Get connected with the best rideshare services available and enjoy an easy and affordable ride experience.

Snap Ride offers a never-before-seen referral program for free rides and discounts. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Invite friends, share your referral code, and start earning rewards today! Invite an unlimited number of friends and earn rewards for every ride they take. There is no limit to the number of invites, and the referral program counts all rides taken by your friends.

For example

Friends Rides Earning per ride Your Earning for free ride
100 Friends x 1 trip 100 $0.40 (Per ride) $40
200 Friends x 1 trip 200 $0.40 (Per ride) $80
500 Friends x 1 trip 500 $0.40 (Per ride) $200

Don’t wait! Start earning free rides and discounts today by sharing your referral code with friends. Book a ride with Snap Ride in any Australian city, any time of day or night, for a seamless and stress-free transportation experience.

Here Are The Steps To Share Your Referral Code:

Sharing your referral code is simple! Spread the word to an unlimited number of friends and family members, and start earning extra money for free rides. Share the code through social media, messaging apps, or in person. The more referrals you make, the more you earn. It’s a win-win for everyone! Start sharing and enjoying the benefits today.

Download the Snap Ride app

If you haven't already, download the Snap Ride app from your app store. Once you've created an account and taken your first ride, you'll receive your unique referral code.

Encourage your friends to sign up

Encourage your friends to sign up for Snap Ride and use your referral code when they do. Let them know about the benefits they'll receive, such as discounted rides or free credits. This will incentivize them to use your code and help you earn rewards.

Share with your friends

Share your referral code with your unlimited number of friends, family, and social media followers. You can share it via text message, email, or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also use Snap Ride's built-in sharing feature, which makes it easy to send your code directly from the app.

Track your rewards

Keep track of your rewards in the Snap Ride app. You can see how many people have signed up using your code, how many rides they've taken, and how much credit you've earned. You can then use your rewards to take free rides or receive other perks, depending on the terms of the Snap Ride rewards program.

Rider’s Refer & Earn

Terms & Conditions

  • Referral Code valid until 30 June 2026

  • You can earn money for free rides until June 30, 2026.

  • The refund process for free rides may take up to 5 business days.

  • All earned amounts can only be used for free rides at any time.

Experience Offers Like Never Before with Snap Ride


Discover offers like never before with Snap Ride, the leading ride share platform in Australia. Enjoy the best deals and discounts on rides across the country. Whether you’re heading to work, exploring the city, or going on a weekend getaway, Snap Ride offers the best offers for riders.

Don’t miss out on these incredible deals. Download the Snap Ride app today and experience rides like never before.

Your Reliable Ride Partner

Experience a hassle-free trip with Snap Ride. Whether it’s a quick trip around town or a ride to your destination, count on us for safe and convenient transportation. We offer you exciting rewards with every ride you take with us. Take advantage of the exciting rideshare experience; secure your ride with us today and embark on a journey. Download the app and Book your ride now.


Earn $50 Cashback with Snap Ride


Attention Riders! Here’s an exciting offer just for you. As a new user, complete 25 trips with us and receive a fantastic $50 cashback straight into your account. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer, valid until 30.06.2026.Download the Snap Ride app today to avail of this amazing deal and start earning your cashback rewards.


*Offer valid for new users

*Cashback amount will be transferred to the card linked with Snap Ride

*Cashback amount will be transferred in 7 business days after completing the trip

*Offer can be redeemed just once after the completion of 25th trip

Pet-Friendly Ride: Bring Your Furry Friends with Snap Ride!

Don’t leave your furry friends behind when you travel! With Snap Ride, you can now bring your pets along on the go. Introducing our new range for pets, ensuring your beloved companions can join you on every ride.Download the Snap Ride app and enjoy the convenience of traveling with your pets. Say goodbye to pet separation anxiety and hello to unforgettable journeys together!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can share it via text message, email, or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also use Snap Ride’s built-in sharing feature, which makes it easy to send your code directly from the app.

The number of people who can use your referral code is not limited, you can share it with as many people as you want. And can increase your earning.

Yes, when someone uses your referral code to sign up and completes their 1st ride, you will earn $0.40. you will receive a referral bonus. You will be notified of the amount when someone uses your code.

You can track the usage of your referral code and earnings through the referral section of your account on our app. This section provides all the necessary information on the number of referrals, referral bonuses earned, and the status of your referrals.

The referral code that you receive from us will remain valid until June 30th, 2026. So, you have plenty of time to share it with your friends, family and earn rewards for every successful ride.

1.When you sign up for Snap Ride, you’ll receive a unique referral code.
2.Share this code with your unlimited number of friends and family members.
3.Every time someone signs up for Snap Ride using your code and takes their first ride, you’ll earn $0.40. In this way you will earn $0.40 on every ride they complete.
4.As your referral network grows, you can earn even more extra money for free rides.

You can use your referral earnings for free rides at any time. Once you’ve accumulated referral credits, simply apply them during the payment process for your next ride.

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