Snap Ride places a high priority on the safety of its driver partners. For the purpose of ensuring driver partner well-being and safety, Snap Ride Pty. Ltd. has laid down some indicators for identifying fatigue and the methods of resolving the same. It is imperative for our driver-partners to adhere to the said precautionary methods and work in an optimal driving state with us.

In addition, Snap Ride also disables its platforms to the driver-partners who have been continuously active for 12 hours, and their accounts are only activated after 8 continuous hours of disablement. Driver Partners must note that they have agreed to comply with our fatigue management policy while agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Please visit to review our Terms and Conditions again.

What is considered “fatigue” by Snap Ride?
When a Driver partner is not well rested and has been working continuously for long hours, their reflexes and assessment of risks or unfavourable situations are slowed down. This can be judged by missing traffic signs, being half-asleep state, and/or difficulty opening eyes. If a driver-partner finds themself to be going through such a state, he is considered to be fatigued by Snap Ride.

Indicators of fatigue:

  1. The feeling of tiredness or exhaustion
  2. Pain/redness of eyes
  3. Difficulty in understanding the GPS
  4. Feeling drowsy or sleepy
  5. Difficulty in keeping eyes open or looking straight at the road
  6. Going continuously above/below the speed limit, missing traffic signs
  7. The feeling of suffocation/discomfort within the confined space of your vehicle
  8. Lowered alertness on the road like braking often or late, difficulty staying in your lane
  9. The feeling of irritability towards other drivers on the road

Precautionary methods to avoid fatigue:

  1. Get enough sleep before starting your shift with Snap Ride
  2. Stay well hydrated on the road
  3. Take breaks after every few trips
  4. Do not perform any work related activities during your break, like refuelling, cleaning the vehicle or driving to popular spots for booking
  5. Discontinue booking any trip if feeling tired or drowsy
  6. Do not drink alcohol between trips or while on break
  7. Take note of your total working hours(with Snap Ride+other forms of employment), and do not exceed a healthy limit of 12-14 hours/day.

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