Snap Ride – Zero Tolerance Policy - Causes of Termination/suspension of your Driver Account

Unless otherwise defined in this policy, capitalised terms have the meanings given to them in the Terms.

Snap Ride Pty Ltd (we, us or our) may suspend or terminate your Driver Account from its Platform, without prior notice, if we acquire any knowledge of the following actions being taken by you as a Driver (you or your):


Causes for Suspension/termination


Stopping during a trip: You must not stop the vehicle for refuelling during a trip. You must not make any personal stops during the trip.


Cancellation rate: The total cancellation rate of Bookings by you must be less than or equal to 10% of all Bookings. For example, for every 100 Bookings, you must not have cancelled more than 10 Bookings.


Professionalism: You must act professionally at all times, by being polite and courteous, and driving with caution at all times during a trip.


Fraudulent activities: Your Account will be deactivated if any fraudulent activities in relation to your Account are detected by us, including but not limited to: increasing a trip duration or distance deliberately, creating a fraudulent Account by using incorrect documentation and/or details, requesting a refund using false pretences, making an Offer after the working hours set out in the Terms, and/or making an Offer without the intention to complete the trip. 


Picking up without adding a trip: A Rider must not be picked up without the Rider making a Booking on our Platform. You must not enter into any agreement with anonymous riders by offering them lower fares for your ride.


Harming our brand: You must not encourage Riders to use other rideshare platforms or to not use our Platform for any reason.


Safety: You are to follow all traffic rules, not be distracted during a trip by using phones or otherwise, follow the speed limit and abide by all road-safety signs and boards. Any complaints about reckless/unsafe driving by you may (at our discretion) result in immediate termination of your Account.


Asking for tips: You must not actively ask a Rider for tips, and you must not interact negatively with a Rider if the Rider requests that the air conditioning and/or music be switched on or off, as the case may be. 


Asking for ratings: You must not engage with a Rider in respect of Ratings.


Maintaining vehicle cleanliness and hygiene: You must keep the vehicle and dashboard clean. A small bin and car fresheners are a good addition to your vehicle. Ensure the vehicle is properly maintained and repaired. 


Maintaining personal hygiene: You must wear clean clothes, and maintain a healthy body odour, at all times while on a trip. You must maintain good personal hygiene.


No Smoking: You must not smoke inside the vehicle during a trip.


Calling Riders: No false calls or intentional missed calls must be placed by you to a Rider. Only when the vehicle has arrived at its location should you phone the Rider to let them know that you have arrived at the pickup location. After the Rider has been dropped off, you must not keep a copy of or use the Rider’s contact information.


On-time pick-ups: If a time for a pickup is specified in a Booking, you must be at the pick-up location before the scheduled time. Once you arrive at the pickup site, you must let the customer know.


Availability status: While connected to Platform, you must keep your mobile device “ON” and must return every call from a Rider in relation to a Booking.  You must not intentionally park the vehicle in an area where no cellular service is available or in a “non-network” location. You must not nap in the vehicle while showing an available status for Bookings.


Using devices: Mobile phone/handheld device usage while driving is prohibited, excluding emergencies. This includes text messages (SMS), video calls, phone calls, MMS, and downloads, among other things. You are still required to answer all calls from Riders and our customer service only after stopping the vehicle in a suitable location and doing so without impeding nearby traffic or breaking any traffic laws provided that you are not on a trip, or by using a hands-free device or docking station for the device in accordance with all applicable laws.


Driving license and vehicle documents: You must possess all valid, relevant, and legally required personal and vehicle documents at all times while driving with us. 


Traffic/on-road disruptions or emergencies: If you’re stuck in a traffic disruption due to accidents, protests, curfews, strikes, weather conditions, or road blockages, you must call us immediately using a hands-free device and let us know of such situations.  We will provide you with necessary remedies/advice to keep you and the Riders safe.


Medical fitness: You must not use the Platform to make any Offers if you are deemed medically unfit to drive by a medical doctor.


Unauthorised goods: You must not carry or deliver goods for or on behalf of a Rider unless you are accompanied by that Rider.


Missing/Unidentified items: Such items are to be reported to us either by filling out the support form on our website or calling our customer support. They will inform you of the right steps to follow.


Training: You must stay updated with best practices and company policies. You are required to make yourself available for any trainings provided by us, of which you will be informed well in advance.


Discriminatory behaviour: You must not engage in discriminatory behaviour towards any Riders for any reasons whatsoever. You must at all times be courteous, polite and professional. If you face rude behaviour from a Rider, you must call Snap Ride Customer Support immediately, and let us know of the situation.


Contact with the customer: After a Booking is a Completed Booking you must cease all contact with the Rider, unless in case of emergencies or for a period of one hour after the Completed Booking in respect of Lost Property. You must not collect, store and/or use the personal information of a Rider during or after a trip, save as permitted in this clause.


You must not accept or solicit any cash, gift, and other items from a Rider.

This policy will be subject to, governed by, and will incorporate the terms and conditions contained in the Terms. To the extent there is any ambiguity, discrepancy or inconsistency in or between the terms of the Terms and this policy, the Terms will prevail.

We understand that circumstances may exist which are beyond your control. Sometimes certain actions might be performed by you in cases of emergency, for your own protection and that of the Riders. In such exceptional circumstances, we are happy to hear you out. Rest assured that we prioritise a Driver’s safety and best interests just as much as that of a Rider.

If you think that your Account has been wrongly suspended or terminated, be sure to inform us of any extenuating circumstances and we will investigate it as a priority. We value you being a part of Snap Ride!

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