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07 Nov 2023

Future Trends and Innovations in Rideshare Services


Ridesharing apps and platforms have been in the picture for many years. Rideshare services and platforms bring drivers and passengers together looking for rides reasonably priced. The app shows every detail of the passenger’s ride, such as the cost, driver’s location, drop-off time, and approximate waiting time. Rideshare services have many benefits and rewards for the users who have been using their services for a long time, encouraging them to be with the service. Let’s see what rewards and benefits they are providing. 

How Trends and Innovations are Changing the Rideshare Service’s Landscape? 

The ridesharing market is changing over time as a result of technological advancements, shifting consumer needs and demands, and other changes. Here are some new developments and trends in the ridesharing industry: 

  1. Sustainable and electric transportation: In rideshare services, the use of EV cars and an emphasis on reducing carbon footprints are increasing among the providers. This sector is opting for eco-friendly solutions and growing its stock of EVs and hybrid vehicles.
  2. Micromobile services: By addressing the short-distance demands and traffic problems, the growth of using micro-mobility services such as e-scooters and electric bikes is increasing.
  3. Features and convenience in apps: The booking process is becoming more convenient and user-friendly as ridesharing apps include features like real-time pricing, advanced booking, and other choices while booking. 
  4. Technical advancements: A major trend is blending AI and machine learning for tailored customer experiences, path optimisation, and automated prediction. 
  5. Subscription models and loyalty schemes: To keep clients, some ridesharing companies are experimenting and providing subscription-based pricing models and loyalty programs. 

With the help of technological advancements, ridesharing companies are trying to add new features in ridesharing apps with more options available to users to make it easy for them to get a ride. f

How are Apps Becoming More User-Friendly?

Over time, rideshare services apps have changed to become more user-friendly. These changes are made to improve the user experience, make the process more convenient, and streamline the ride-booking process. Let’s look at the following ways that ridesharing apps have improved: 

  1. Convenient onboarding: The onboarding procedure for new users, as well as for drivers, is now more user-friendly and includes a step-by-step guide to help them set up accounts, enter the correct information, and become familiar with the app features and working. 
  2. Faster and more precise location: GPS and mapping features ensure users’ current location and destination accuracy, limiting errors and giving user input. 
  3. Tracking in real-time: Through the app, users can follow their transportation route in real-time. Also, drivers can track the path with less traffic to ensure the user reaches it on time. This ensures transparency between the driver and the user. 
  4. In-App help and assistance centre: To solve customers’ regular problems or questions, the majority of apps provide in-app customer support and a help centre with FAQs to clear their doubts. 
  5. Personalised ride preferences: For rides, users can select the type of car (e.g., luxury, economy), their drivers, and any special needs (e.g., wheelchair accessible).
  6. Safety features: To increase security and safety for users, apps have safety features, including driver verification, sharing trip details with friends, and emergency phone numbers have been included. 
  7. Driver reviews and feedback: Users can rate and comment on their journey experience, which helps uphold quality standards and enhance the service.

Overall, the ridesharing apps have been upgraded to meet the different needs of customers. At Snapride in Australia, we are committed to every new feature in apps so that users and drivers can enjoy the benefits and journey smoothly. 

How is Rideshare Services Improving Environmental Issues? 

Since this ridesharing sector is expanding quickly, we can see significant changes in the industry. Ridesharing minimises the usage of the number of cars on the road and the amount of traffic. Ridesharing services allow individuals to postpone car purchases, reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Moreover, it was calculated that each household using ridesharing services contributes between 34%-41% less annual car emissions. 

Many ridesharing companies encourage the adoption of electric or fuel-efficient vehicles. These cars emit fewer greenhouse gasses than standard gasoline vehicles. Moreover, ridesharing platforms gather information about their operations, which helps them measure and lessen their carbon footprint. The government is also taking many steps and incentivising ridesharing companies to encourage them to adopt greener practices. 

Benefits and Rewards to Loyal Customers: 

Many ridesharing companies are developing loyalty programs for loyal clients who frequently utilize their services. These initiatives seek to increase customer retention, promote repeat business, and provide passengers more for their money. Following are some ways through which companies are encouraging users: 

  1. Point-based systems: Many ridesharing owners have developed loyalty programs in which users can collect points for each ride they take. These points can then be exchanged for benefits like discounts, free trips, and partner deals or offers
  2. Savings and coupon codes: Members of loyalty programs get special discounts and deals that can be used in further rides. These deals may encourage users to select and use rideshare services repeatedly over other transportation modes. 
  3. Free rides or credits: After a specific number of journeys or spending thresholds have been met, such programs award users free rides or ride credits. 
  4. Bonuses for referrals: Users are encouraged by loyalty programs to promote ridesharing apps and their services to friends and family. Users could get extra benefits, offers, or bonuses for successful referrals
  5. Transparent points tracking: Members of loyalty programs can monitor their points and awards within the app, ensuring transparency and clarity. 

By encouraging customer loyalty and endorsement of the brand, these programs benefit customers and the ridesharing company’s long-term profitability. Snapride in Australia also takes care of all such benefits or offers for the users, as we also offer drivers. We ensure that every driver and user enjoys using our app and services whenever they drive and ride to a particular place. 


With a focus on innovation, sustainability, safety, and user experience, SnapRide and other companies are leading the way in reshaping the ridesharing industry. People are moving towards using rideshare services to avoid driving in traffic. Also, with an expansion of Ridesharing, it will expand into rural and suburban areas, providing transportation solutions. 

With more advancements, ridesharing apps and services are leading the market in the world.