Darwin airport Guideline

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General Information

Snap Ride has a designated driver-partner waiting area and pick-up zone at Darwin Airport.

The Airport has a specific waiting area for driver-partners to queue in whilst waiting for trip requests

When you enter the waiting area you will be placed in a virtual queue, which means you will receive trip requests based on your position in the queue (subject to the Rematch which is explained below)

Pickups may only occur at the rideshare pickup zone located in the short stay car park (there is no fee charged to driver-partners for entering this area)

Drop-offs can be made in the public passenger drop-off area, rather than the Rideshare pickup zone

How drop-offs work Snap Ride is a reliable option for travellers heading to the airport. At DRW, simply drop-off riders at the public drop off area. How to pick-up your rider

Snap Ride driver-partners may wait for ride requests at the designated waiting area only. You will not receive an airport request outside of this waiting area. Here’s how it works:

Enter the authorised waiting area located in the field next to Caltex (Access via Neale St)

Wait until you get a trip request after pulling into the parking lot in a line to prevent getting parked in.

When you receive a trip request proceed to the rideshare pick up zone located in the short stay car park

Upon entry to the short stay car park swipe your Access Card at the boomgate

Choose one of the four loading bays marked "Rideshare pickup" and pull in. If your passenger takes the wrong location for the public pick-up point, we advise kindly requesting that they go to the approved Rideshare pickup area instead because Snap Ride pickups cannot be done from the public area.

Pick-up your rider and begin the trip as normal

At the boomgate, present your Access Card as you leave

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