Hobart Airport Guidelines

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Information for driver-partners

  • How to become eligible for pick-ups at Hobart Airport

    To receive trip requests to and from Hobart Airport, you will need to register with the airport by installing the ZipBy app and creating an account linked to Hobart Airport. You’ll need to review and agree to the Hobart Airport Terms and Conditions and ZipBy Driver Terms and Conditions. We recommend you seek independent legal advice before entering into an agreement with the Airport so that you understand what is required of you under that agreement.

    To enter and depart the business lane at Hobart Airport, drivers must use an access card. At the b oom gates your Hobart Airport access card will allow you to open them. Access using a credit card is no longer possible. A working credit card must be linked through the ZipBy app.

    More information on how to register with Hobart Airport can be found online here.
    Pick-ups at Hobart Airport

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