Perth Airport Guidelines

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Ride-Share Waiting Zone

For T1/T2 and T3/T4, there are different holding areas and virtual lines. You can only request rides from these locations in the airport.


T1 & T2

Horrie Miller Drive is the designated holding area for T1 and T2. Horrie Miller Drive is where you'll locate the entry.

As soon as you receive a trip request, move along Horrie Miller Drive to the Perth airport pickup location.

T3 & T4

The authorised holding area for T3 and T4 is situated on Dunreath Drive, across from the Rio Tinto building for T3 and T4. As soon as you receive a job request, move along Dunreath Drive and Fauntleroy Avenue to the Perth airport pick-up location.

Use of the Holding Area is free for the first 60 minutes according to Perth Airport's Terms and Conditions for Rideshare Driver Access, and after that, fees at the regular Short Term Car Park rate are charged. Any time over an hour will cost more starting on August 1st, 2019. Payment at exit is still only accepted by credit card and is subject to a $0.07 gateway fee and a 0.59% card surcharge.


Airport Terms & Conditions

To receive pick-up requests, you must be registered and agree to the Perth Airport Driver Agreement and understand the operating Terms & Conditions.

Sequence of airport pickup- Perth (Snap Ride)

You will be placed in the virtual queue as soon as you enter the designated holding area. The job requests will be assigned based on your turn in the queue.


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