Drive with Snap Ride in Tasmania - Documents Required

  1. Bank Account Details
  2. ABN registered for GST. Apply HERE

  1. Current Tasmanian drivers licence (valid for 12 months or more, and over 21 years of age. “X” condition must be shown).
  2. Identity Proof (Passport, Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate, Immigration Card)
  3. Ancillary Certificate – Apply HERE
  4. Portrait identification photo
  5. VEVO visa confirmation – Learn More HERE

  1. Vehicle Models must be no more than 10 years old
  2. Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy (comprehensive or third party property)
  3. Certificate of Registration
  4. Provide Vehicle’s Small Passenger Vehicle Inspection Report (SPPV) or PTS Label, (ensuring it was issued within the last 12 months). If you haven’t had a vehicle inspection performed within the last 12 months, you’ll need to contact an AIS directly to book an inspection. You will find small passenger transport AIS locations HERE 

    *Rental vehicles are not allowed to be used for ridesharing in Tasmania.

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